About Us

Kuku B’s journey probably started when I was in my teens with my love of sourcing beautifully embellished fabrics and designing my version of the Indian traditional costume Chanya (skirt) Choli (top). The combination of heavily embellished skirts and plainer tops to match creating stylish and modern outfits that could be worn to a wedding or a birthday party.

As a mum, I took to making these outfits for my daughters to wear to special occasions as comfort and glamour didn’t always work with ready-made clothes. I continued to embrace the tradition of embellished skirts with matching tops providing the girls with the glamour and comfort they craved and me the opportunity to indulge in my passion of working with beautiful fabrics.

How the garments are made are equally as important as how they look. Itchy seams are a no no for young girls so at Kuku B we take great care in ensuring that seams are hidden away from the body. It is joy to my ears hearing girls giggling, spinning and enjoying the luxury of the outfits we make. I feel very honoured that girls so often do not want to take their Kuku B outfits off.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with top British designers including, Nicki Macfarlane, Caroline Charles, Sara Madderson and Bombshell  making amazing occasion wear for red carpet events, celebrity weddings, religious celebrations and birthdays, all from our West London workshop.

Kuku B, luxury occasion wear for girls, is my “Little Something Special” 

Sital Punja FRSA (Founder)

A little
something special